The calculation tool for a highly efficient design of greenhouse construction


The Netherlands is a pioneer in greenhouse horticulture. If you want to be assured of an efficiënt greenhouse, you should choose a partner who works with the CASTA calculation tool. The calculation tool ensures a highly efficient design of greenhouse construction, thereby making Dutch greenhouse horticulture worldwide successful. The majority of glass-based greenhouses is aided by the CASTA calculation tool, a program developed by TNO in collaboration with companies from the industry.

Image: CASTA/Kassenbouw tool

How does CASTA help you?

The CASTA tool performs tailor-made calculations for greenhouse design and construction companies and growers alike. The tool calculates a greenhouse that is adapted in line with the specific business requirements, with the right price-performance ratio: the best possible quality in terms of optimal light transmission, but also safety. Because the resulting greenhouse complies with the Dutch standards for greenhouses, growers can insure it without a problem, both at home and abroad.


  • Customisation in line with the NEN3859 standard for the design and construction of greenhouses
  • A system that can be built with the optimal mix of being as light yet as sturdy as possible
  • Precise price calculations
  • Flexible response to the customer’s wants and needs
  • Arrange insurance without a problem
  • Offers are suitable for use in building permit applications
  • The energy indicators support the design of an eco-friendly greenhouse

Find the right partner with a CASTA license for your project