With the help of big data and ICT, we are working on further development of digital cultivation

Data Driven


The Hortivation foundation is focused on technical innovations and knowledge management in the greenhouse design and construction industry. Affiliated companies operate internationally and are actively developing the worldwide supply of high-quality greenhouse systems for the production of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. It is Hortivation’s mission to make strategic innovations quickly available to the sector as a whole and to work together with the companies to safeguard the Netherlands’ leading position in the area of integrated growing systems.

About Hortivation


If you want to be assured of an efficient greenhouse, you should choose a partner who works with the CASTA/Kassenbouw calculation tool. This tool enables the suppliers to customise their calculations of the construction costs of Venlo greenhouses, wide-span types and poly greenhouses, among other systems.


The Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector is a global leader in the field of digitization. Each greenhouse contains sensors that generate data about important greenhouse parameters, such as temperature, humidity and light intensity. This data can be used to optimize crop growth, energy use and yield.

Research partners

Knowledge institutes are working together with the private sector to foster a better climate of applied science in which research data is shared more freely. This helps to reinforce the leading position of the Netherlands’ greenhouse design and construction industry.

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