With the help of big data and ICT, Hortivation and TNO are working on the further development of digital cultivation

Data driven integrated growing systems

Projectnumber: HT17228
Period: 2018 - 2021
Contactperson: Harm Maters
Knowlegde center: TNO


How Big Data and ICT will help the horticulture suppliers with the export of horticultural technology, further scale expansion and the development of new propositions such as Growing as a Service.

Worldwide the need for sustainable and safe production systems for fresh food is increasing. The Dutch supplying cluster of greenhouse technology has a world-leading position in this area. The demand from investors is shifting from greenhouses to guaranteed production of fresh products. The individual technical components of the greenhouse are increasingly "connected" and can be monitored remotely, new ICT analysis techniques are rapidly becoming available, such as deep learning, which enables faster learning of all available data. These technologies can be used to optimize the greenhouse concepts.

TNO focuses on two development lines in this project:

  • Digital cultivation: New analytical techniques in the field of big data and deep learning to give growers action perspective for operational cultivation decisions.
  • Green house technology booster: Acceleration of the development speed of integrated growing systems based on the big data analysis of the performance of completed projects. This allows insight to be developed about the production in relation to greenhouse concepts.

In order to realize both directions, algorithms from data science are used, knowledge models are developed that open up various data sources inside and outside the greenhouse (including climate, hardware, cultivation operations). By means of co-creation and the development of new business models, we are working on the upscaling and implementation of the innovations developed in the market. 



  • Alcomij
  • Bom Group
  • Bosman van Zaal
  • Certhon
  • Dalsem
  • HAVECON Kassenbouw
  • HortiKey
  • Hortimax
  • Gakon Horticultural Projects
  • LetsGrow.com
  • Maurice Kassenbouw
  • Stichting Greenport Westland Oostland
  • Technolution
  • Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects
  • Van Dijk Heating
  • VB Greenhouses

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