About Hortivation


In addition to combining strengths related to knowledge management and innovation within greenhouse technology, at Hortivation we also develop expertise and policy in the area of integrated growing systems for this industry.
It is Hortivation’s mission to work with and for the affiliated companies to safeguard the Netherlands’ leading position in this sector.

Integrated growing systems

The Netherlands is traditionally strong in developing plant production systems. From a historical perspective, all crops are started off in open fields. In the Netherlands, many crops are then placed into greenhouses soon afterwards in order to ensure efficient production with a high yield per square metre. In view of the technological possibilities, the greenhouse equipment (e.g. heating, computer-controlled climate systems, water management, energy and CO2 consumption, logistics automation) has advanced tremendously, which is why we now use the term ‘integrated growing systems’. In conjunction with the greenhouse itself, all of these components have been developed into a single, efficient network in which a healthy and fresh product is cultivated in a sustainable manner, in the most optimal conditions possible.

Hortivation Board

  • Annie van de Riet - Director

  • Martin Steentjes - Van der Hoeven - President
  • Dave Fennema - Dalsem - Vice president
  • Bart Stengs – Achmea - Treasurer/ Secretary
  • Peter Hendriks - Let's Grow
  • Marco van der Velden - Berg Hortimotive
  • Ron Arensman - Kubo
  • Richard Vialle - Kind Technologies

Hortivation secretariat:

  • Annelies Hanemaaijer - Officemanager - info@avag.nl
  • Lianne Berkhoudt - Communication - communication@hortivation.nl
  • Harmen van Dam - Innovationmanager - Harmen.van.dam@hortivation.nl