Diffuus Glas

Diffuus Glass

Duration: 2016 - 2017
Point of contact: S. Hemming / E-MAIL: silke.hemming@wur.nl
Knowledge institute: Wageningen UR Glastuinbouw


The aim of this project is to arrive at a protocol, assessment method and approach for measuring the optical characteristics of (diffuse) greenhouse covering materials and shading materials, supported by all stakeholders (manufacturers, growers, greenhouse design companies, construction and installation companies, glass distributors, consultants and knowledge institutes) and formalised in an NEN standard. The reason for this is that the existing (international) standards are no longer sufficient for new (diffuse) materials as used in modern-day greenhouse projects.


Partners with CASTA License

  • Alcomij B.V.
  • Boal systems
  • Certhon
  • Dalsem
  • Gakon
  • J.M Van der Hoeven
  • Maurice Kassenbouw
  • Prins Group

Partners without CASTA license

  • Glasimport Greenhouses
  • Glascom BV
  • Hermadix Agro BV
  • Ludvig Svensson BV
  • Mardenkro BV
  • Metazet
  • Ridder Climate Screens
  • Saint-Gobain Cultilène BV